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Carol O’Brien Architecture guides you through a thoughtful design analysis to help you realize your dream. We’ll work with you to sort through your requirements, determine your needs, clarify your vision, and provide stunning results that go above and beyond your expectations. That’s why every COA project is its own story and takes on its own journey.

We bring a wealth of expertise and experience to residential architecture. Carol O’Brien has well over three decades of work in design and architecture. As a licensed architect in Colorado, Minnesota, and California, she has plied her trade far and wide, building a stand-out portfolio of work over the years. As a LEED AP, Carol is well acquainted with the latest green building design techniques.

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The interior of a victorian turret addition.

A Thoughtful Approach to Residential Architecture

Through more than 35 years of residential architecture experience, Carol O’Brien has developed a thoughtful, needs-based approach to residential architecture. COA work with you to turn your broad vision into a structure that not only meets your needs but beautifully captures your vision. From designing your whole home to planning a room addition, to helping you remodel and update the layout and flow of your home, she will guide you through your design journey from initial proposals, to 3D architectural modeling, to fixtures and finishes.

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Creative Solutions with Stunning Results

Carol O’Brien Architecture’s work speaks for itself. Through years of practice both privately and as a part of a larger architectural team, she has honed her skills as an architect and designer. Take a look at a few projects below or visit the portfolio page for more examples from her extensive body of work.

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Start Your Design Journey!

Carol O’Brien Architecture is here to help you on your design journey. If you have a residential project in need of an architect, our experience and expertise will provide unmatched results. Whether you’re building a brand new home or want guidance when adding to or changing your current structure, we can help you kickstart your design journey.

Architectural rendering of a victorian turret addition to a home.