Programming Meeting

During the programming meeting, COA meets with you to gather general and specific information to define your needs and determine the overall scope of your project. We review your priorities and discuss a range of inspired design solutions that can convert daunting challenges into inspirational statements. After our initial discussions, we provide a proposal summarizing the project, including design details, terms, and fees.

Computer Aided Architectural Design

Schematic Design

Once we’ve determined your wants and needs, COA measures and documents the existing structure in computer ArchiCAD drawings. In many cases we study the history of the home and its unique relationship to the area. This preliminary design study allows us to offer multiple approaches and will help you envision inspirational solutions to your current challenges. Then, we work with you to draw up several design schemes that fit your budget and creatively address your needs.

Victorian Turret Addition | Rendering

Start Your Journey

The result is not just flat drawings and schematics, but rather stunning 3D computer renderings. These renderings give you the ability to journey through the multiple solutions we develop, using all the existing spaces and lot elevations, providing you the unique ability to visualize and determine the best solution.

This advanced approach is the most comprehensive and efficient method available to help you achieve, and perhaps exceed, your dream while saving time and money in the design process.